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Since 1993 LOGISTICA INTEGRADA SA (LISA) provides truckload services & logistics management a growing and highly significant corporate function. Efficiency and reliable just-on-time transportation boost competitiveness in every business.

Offering professional truckload services and designing logistics strategies LISA meets every customer’s demands regardless of the mode.

Our logistics solutions are carried out in two levels:

. Operation: transportation, distribution and storage of industrial and agro industrial products (fertilizers, grains, agrochemicals, oils, by-products, fuels, liquids, etc.)

. Services: logistics management, supervision and, coordination for third parties (outsourcing) for the operation of decentralised stocks. We also offer advisory services.

LISA is a versatile provider of transportation & logistics services with over 20-years experience and local expertise. Our strategies are conceived to facilitate the evolution towards an integrated concept of truckload transportation and physical distribution. Our operations extend throughout the whole Argentinean territory with a special focus in the humid Pampa region. The agro industrial sector accounts for 60% of our activities.


LOGISTICA INTEGRADA operates units of different capacity responding to a wide range of loading necessities (solids, liquids, bulk, consolidated cargoes, pallets, bags etc.). Our services are based on radio communication systems including UHF, VHF, trunking, GPS and cellular links allowing full on-line control throughout every operation.