We move any product any place

A diversified operating fleet and on-line communications

LOGISTICA INTEGRADA operates units of different capacity responding to a wide range of loading necessities (solids, liquids, bulk, consolidated cargoes, pallets, bags etc.). Our operations extend throughout the whole Argentinean territory with focus in the humid Pampa region and include truckload transportation and physical distribution of liquid and dry products, in bulk or fractionated. The agro industrial sector accounts for 60% of our activities


LISA counts with different kinds of units, including heavy vehicles for loads from 25 to 45 tons -curtainsiders, flat decks, semis-pull, low loaders, removable sides, bath-tub-tipper-bin and bulk trailers, tankers. There are also special units for ultra heavy equipment and vehicles for the distribution of goods between 1 to 14 tons of load (trucks, semis and full trailers).

Communication network

Our services are based on radio communication systems that operate with UHF, VHF, trunking, GPS and cellular links allowing full on line-control throughout the operation.


LOGISTICA INTEGRADA offers logistics management and coordination services for port areas, storage facilities, country dealers and industries; including distribution, delivery, loading or unloading of products. LISA also develops tailored advisory services on integrated logistics, transportation, storage, picking and distribution management.