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Outsourcing: opportunities logistics management offer

LOGISTICA INTEGRADA offers reliable logistics management, supervision and coordination services for port areas, storage facilities, country dealers and industries; including distribution, delivery, loading or unloading of products.

There is a strong corporate tendency to focus on core business outsourcing those activities that -although essential- don’t belong to the specific expertise.

Outsourcing logistic services allows:

  • Full financial dedication to the main business.
  • Profiting from the know-how and expertise of logistics services company.
  • Turning from an operator to an auditor of the outsourced system.
  • Turning fixed costs into variable.
  • Avoiding investments in logistics fixed assets with low ROI.

You can simply eliminate the risk and liability of operating a private fleet and improve cost savings from your transportation and distribution operations. Most importantly, you can get back to doing what your do best:  running your business.

LISA also develops tailored advisory services on integrated logistics, transportation, storage, picking and distribution management.

LOGISTICA INTEGRADA provides complete & professional services under the comprehensive concept of logistics, a growing and highly significant corporate function.