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Efficient and on-time truckload services: Operation and Solutions

LOGISTICA INTEGRADA SA provides truckload services for logistics solutions to meet our customer’s various demands regardless of the mode. We customize our services on a need-to-need basis. Our goal is to be your total transportation provider. Besides transportation, our services include planning, implementation and control of the flow and storage of raw materials, inventories in process, finished products and on-line back up information throughout the whole process, from its origin to the final consuming stage. We work to fulfil our clients’ diverse needs regarding time and efficiency. The activity is carried out in two levels:


We truckload, distribute and store industrial and agro-industrial products (fertilizers, grains, oils, agrochemicals, among others). LISA operates units of different capacity so to respond to a wide range of loading necessities (solids, liquid bulk, consolidated cargoes, pallets, bags etc.).


LOGISTICA INTEGRADA SA offers logistics management, supervision and coordination services for port areas, storage facilities, country dealers and industries; including distribution, delivery, loading or unloading of products.

Our operations extend throughout the whole Argentinean territory with focus in the humid Pampa region and include truckload transportation and physical distribution of liquid and dry products, in bulk or fractionated. The agro industrial sector accounts for 60% of our activities. With over 20-years experience we have the local expertise and the technical know-how to best serve your logistics demands.


LOGISTICA INTEGRADA operates units of different capacity responding to a wide range of loading necessities. LISA counts with different kinds of units, including heavy vehicles for loads from 25 to 45 tons -curtainsiders, flat decks, semis-pull, low loaders, removable sides, bath-tub-tipper-bin and bulk trailers,